dinsdag, oktober 02, 2007

Het wil

Het wil, vrees ik, één en ander zeggen over de staat van het hedendaagse wielrennen als zelfs een wielerminnaar van het eerste uur als Wim Van Rossum na negen volle jaren afscheid neemt van zijn onvolprezen Cycling4all.com-site met het navolgende bericht:

Dear reader,

Nothing lasts forever.
After 9 years ago I decided to stop with my website Cycling4all.com
I started it as a hobby and as a therapy for my illness.
I loved the sport since I was a little boy, and grew up with many nice moments of enjoying this sport.
But in the last years it became cristal clear, that the leaders in the cycling world are not able to bring back pro-cycling to a - more or less - reliable sport.
As long as many teammangers, sport directors and other authorities are still persons who were involved in the (long-time) use of doping themselves, directly or indirectly, cycling NEVER becomes reliable.
On top of that, there is a nearly complete lack of professional managers, who are capable to lead this world wide sport organization, or parts of it.
Unfortunately, the present "old-boys-cycling (and doping) network" seems to be stronger, than all those people who want to bring back (pro-)cycling as a real sport.

And that is why I lost the pleasure in continuation of my website.

Wim van Rossum - September 2007

Het ga je goed, Wim!

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